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Members' Handbook

A new edition of the Handbook, incorporating the Members' Directory is being prepared. Please check your name and other details carefully and notify me of any errors or chages.

DRAFT Members Handbook v0.1 January 2018

Any changes to your details, or addition of new listings can be made using this form.

Child Safeguarding Policy

This is contained in the Members' Handbook above.

Rehearsal Schedules

See Membership page for details of any changes week by week.

Coffee Rota Spring 2018

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Bank Account Details

CAF Bank
Sort Code 40-52-40
Account No 00016371

If you wish to pay membership fees or anything else to the Orchestra by bank transfer, please make sure to use your name as a reference to enable the payments to be reconciled. It would be helpful if you could also email Marco De Boni ( when you make the payment confirming the amount, and what it is for.

Gift Aid

As of September 2011, new regulations came into force surrounding Gift aid applied to musical organisations.

  • We are not allowed to claim gift aid on money spent by the orchestra on tuition which provides a benefit to members
  • We are required to separate our tuition cost from membership subscription costs and communicate this separation to members in advance of each season

Cost calculation
We will calculate what portion of the membership fee constitutes tuition on a percentage basis as follows.

  • We first calculate what percentage of the total subscription fees constitutes tuition. We have decided to assume that the split between tuition and claimable is 25% tuition (this includes specific sectional tuition and any specific playing advice given by the Conductor) and 75% claimable.
  • We then apply this to each members subscription to calculate how much we can claim per member (= 0.75 x subscription).
  • The result is that if a member pays £120 in subs, £30 is regarded as tuition. We can claim gift aid on the remaining £90


Committee posts and responsibilities are outlined in the Members' Handbook (above).

Previous minutes are now on the Members Archive page.

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Other Documents

Rules and Constitution (last amended 2015)  

Newsletters 2015 onwards

All recent issues of the Members' Newsletter are available here in date order.

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2018 AGM Papers

26 June, 19:00, Greswolde Hotel, Knowle

NOTE - this is a different venue from last year

Calling Notice
Minutes of 2017 AGM
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Our Music

Recordings of previous concerts are now available on the Members Archive page.

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Publicity materials from previous concerts and other resources are now available on the Members Archive page.